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SVA Vehicle Services

Modena SVA Vehicle Services provides an SVA consultancy to enable you to register your car in the UK as a road vehicle. This service is of particular interest to clients with vehicles which have not been homologated for road use in the UK or sometimes anywhere else in the world. Examples of cars which meet this criteria would include a Ferrari FXX K racecar, a factory prototype concept car or even limited edition vehicle such as Mercedes Benz G63 6x6 which has not been registered in the UK but is registered elsewhere. We have experience in getting these type of cars through the SVA process and in turn successfully registering them as a road vehicle in the UK.

The advantages of registering your specialist vehicle in the UK are numerous, from enabling you to present your vehicle as a saleable commodity in the UK - the world's largest and most active specialist vehicle market, to capitalising on the favourable tax status of asosciated with these type of vehicles in the UK. Additionally we can enable you to realise capital release from vehicles through our specialist finance resources which understand specialist cars and recognise them as an alternative asset for financing purposes.

We can manage the whole vehicle SVA process on your behalf including undertaking specialist engineering modifications to ensure compliance with the test.

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